How To Register A Domain

To begin your development of a web presence, you must identify and purchase a domain which captures your business.  Once you have decided on a domain, you must be able to register the domain.  Below I will explain the pathway to registering a domain with a domain registrar.  I will also go over  a few basics of how to point your new domain towards a host.

Selecting A Domain Registrar

To purchase a domain name, you must go through a domain Registrar.  The registrar has the license to allow for the purchasing through their service.  However, not all registrars are created equal.  Some have better prices than others.


Godaddy is a domain registrar that I have used many times.  They have great tools and very good prices.  If you are signing up for your first domain, they will often offer your first year for 99 cents.  That is honestly an amazing deal.  Their support is available via phone 24/7.  They do have live chat, but the hours are limited. Link


IPage offers extremely cheap domains.  Their prices start at $8.99 for a .com domain.  They also offer other top level domains such as .space and .website for $1.99.  iPage offers 24/7 phone support and Live Chat. Link

Pointing to Hosting

Once you have purchased your domain, you need to point it towards your hosting account.  I will explain how to point it toward’s hosting, but the directions should transfer easily to other hosts.  If you have trouble with this step, we offer free domain pointing.  Just contact us at

  1. Access the control panel at the registrar.
  2. Find the DNS Panel.
  3. Once inside the DNS Panel, you will need to edit the name servers to point at and
  4. Once this is done, it may take up to 24 hours to propagate through the internet.  (Typically much faster)
  5. Once you have this last step complete, you will be able to go to your panel at and add your domain.
  6. Once your domain is added, just select the DNS option on the control panel.
  7. It will offer to create the basic entries, this will work.
  8. Once this is done, enjoy your new domain and hosting. (Grab your hosting starting at 99 cents a month with Veloci-Byte!)


Enjoy Your New Domain And Hosting!

Now you need to start towards developing your site and web presence.  If you are looking for more on how to develop your web presence, check out this post!

Remember, we are always interested in helping and you can purchase our services.  Also, we provide a free domain transfer service.  Just email and we will get in contact with you.  We will help you get your domains pointed towards our name servers and hook them up to your hosting, completely free.

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