Top Three Must Have WordPress Plugins

Once you have your hosting in line, it is time to setup your WordPress.  One facet is WordPress Plugins.  WordPress plugins are magical in their ability to extend or even overhaul the WordPress software that runs beneath your site.  Everything from performance enhancing plugins to SEO assistance tools, plugins can do nearly anything.  With so many things being done with the WordPress Platform, it is hard to say which WordPress plugins are most important. However, I have tried to find five WordPress plugins that are in the middle of the road and helpful for any type of site.

One thing to remember, is that if you are having trouble installing or setting up your WordPress, we can help!

WP Super Cache

First up is one of my favorite plugins, WP Super Cache.  This plugin generates a cache to turn dynamic pages into pre generated static pages that are faster to load and require less overhead.  The beauty of WP Super Cache can perform a large number of performance enhancing tweaks due to the caching of the pages.  It allows pages to be minified, or have the code turned to smaller, more efficient code.  While there are many cache plugins available ( W3 Total Cache and WP Fastest Cache to name two), I have found that for my setup WP Super Cache was best all around.  It was able to bring up my page speed score 10% more than the other cache plugins.

Why is this plugin important?

Since Google and many other search engines use performance data to help dictate the rank of your site in their search algorithm, it is very important to get a few extra points of performance.  Not only that, but you can make your hosting run better at higher visit rates due to less dynamic code being ran on every visit.

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Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is an amazing plugin.  It allows you to hone your posts and pages to be more search engine friendly.  Not only does this help with your page rankings, but it also can help with internal searching efficiency.  Another awesome aspect of Yoast SEO is that it checks your writing for ease of reading.  It will even point out issues in your writing so that you can fix them.

Why is this plugin important?

As stated in the last plugin, Google and many other search engines use certain indicators to rank your page. An additional indicator has to do with keyword usage, reading ease, and many other facets of writing.  This means that anything you can do to make your writing easier for the bots to grade, the higher your score will be.

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Jetpack by

Jetpack by is a toolbox worth of, well tools.  Everything from basic traffic analytics to a CDN.  There are two flavors to the features you get.  You get about half of the features for free and the other half are premium and require a monthly payment.  The free functions of the plugin are traffic analysis, a free CDN, security services, content creation tools, and discussion tools.  The plug-in in its unpaid form is still amazing for all that you get for paying nothing.

Why is this plugin important?

Jetpack by just adds so many features that you can choose to or not to use.  It would be crazy to pass it up.  It really comes into its own when you have multiple self-hosted WordPress installations to monitor and manage.

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Remember that after installing plugins, you need to ensure they are kept up to date.  If you need help with this, we offer service plans here!

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